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"Having gone for foot care sessions with Lucie has left me feet feeling rejuvenated and fresh. I live a very active lifestyle so keeping my feet healthy and happy plays a large roll in my everyday activities and Lucie's foot care sessions are an excellent way to maintain healthy feet. The comfortable and relaxing atmosphere makes Lucie's foot care my number one choice."

- Jeremy

"I am a diabetic, my feet didn't have really good circulation. Since Lucie's visits at home for regular foot care my feet have been a lot better. She is fast, efficient, kind and has given me an opportunity to have the kind of care required for a someone with diabetes. My feet used to be scaly and now I now my feet feel brand new!"

- Eugenie

"I know Lucie both on a personal and professional basis. She is dedicated to her workmanship and puts much and passion into each of her clients. I can't recommend her enough."

- Kim

"Lucie has been looking after my husbands' feet and my mothers. The results have been amazing ! We highly recommend her for any foot care needs. She is friendly, professional and a pleasure to have in our home."

- Anna

"I have had problem toenails for about two years. I would not want to show my feet in public because of the condition of my toenail. Also, my nails became very hard to cut and grew out to a length that made my shoes very uncomfortable. Since September 2010, I have received home Foot Care from Lucie, my nails have improved. My shoes fit also better. The service has been excellent and I look forward to having my feet back in normal condition."

- Anonymous

"Lucie has been treating my daughter's feet for a very stubborn condition. Over a 2 year period we went to 2 Podiatrists, 2 Dermatologists and family doctor. None could offer a proper diagnosis or spend the time to improve the nails. Lucie's treatments have resulted in excellent results in a very short time. Lucie is professional and caring with a keen sense of humour that will put anyone at ease. The atmosphere in her treatment room is like a spa with soft music and candles. She is providing a much needed service for this area."

- MB Moncton

"Mot d'appréciation!

Je suis un octogénaire et souffre depuis de nombreuses années de maux de pieds. J'ai souffert il y a plusieurs années de fracture sévères des deux talons. Suite à une immobilisation prolongée dans des attelles plâtrées, j'ai développé une mycose sévère aux deux pieds (pieds d'athlète). En février dernier j'ai eu recours aux services professionnels de Lucie Hodge, infirmière diplômée spécialisée dans les soins de pied. Elle vient à domicile à tous les mois pour m'offrir ses traitements. Depuis le début du traitement, je ne peux que constater un progrès important dans l'amélioration de mes ongles d'orteil qui étaient en voie de se détériorer. Après 5 mois de cure, mes ongles sont presque complètement guéris. Garde Hodge est très minutieuse et d'une ponctualité exemplaire pour ses rendez-vous. Je ne peux que la recommander pour ses services."

- B

"Lucie, you are the best!!!! For close to four years I could only wear sandals or walking shoes because my toenails were so painful. Three weeks after the first treatment I had to go out and was able to wear a pair of heels and was standing for close to two hours with no discomfort. Thank you for making my feet pain free."

- Carolyn Richards

"I am a senior who suffers from diabetes. Footcare management is of the utmost importance. Lucie's Foot Care, highly recommended by one of my physicians, has dramatically improved the condition and appearance of my feet and nails. As a pharmacist, I am pleased to recommend the services of Lucie Hodge. Best Wishes!"

- Anonymous


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